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  • Location: 164-03 Hillside Ave
    Jamaica, NY 11432
    Phone: 718-554-8072
    Fax: 718-554-8539
  • Just walk-in if you are having any non life-threatening illness or injury . No appointment or referral needed.
  • Please call 911 if you are having any life-threatening condition… read more



Frequently Asked Questions:
Why am I being billed when I have insurance?
Many insurance companies have amounts which the patient must pay. These are called deductible, co-pay or co-insurance payments. If your insurance plan requires you to pay a deductible or co-insurance, the balance will be billed to you. If you have a question about why your insurance company did not pay part of a claim, you should call your health insurance company directly.

When will I get my bill?
HUC Billing staff will collect payments from your insurance company (or companies) before sending you a final bill. The balance due after the payments have been applied will be billed to you via printed statement. The statements are generated within 48 hours of the final insurance payment being received and applied to your bill.

If my insurance doesn’t consider Hillside Urgent Care as a preferred provider, will you bill my insurance?
HUC bills all insurance carriers. If your insurer does not include Hillside Urgent Care as a preferred provider, you may be billed for non-covered charges or be responsible for reduced benefits. Please contact your carrier to verify your coverage and/or benefits.

Why am I asked for my insurance card every time I visit?
We have found that insurance information changes frequently. Asking for your insurance card at each visit is the surest way  to make sure that your billing record is complete and accurate.